A warm welcome to everyone, who got lost and landed here. 

My name is Benjamin Haas, but most people just call me Ben. I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer. Born in southern Germany but now settled in North London. And I love to be here! Since I made this big decision, my life changed completely. It is not easier, but worth each second! 

Current happenings.

Currently I am working as a Graphic Designer and Photographer for a company also based near to London.
They are famous for their environmental friendly baby carrier and baby clothing. Never ever could I imagine that I would love working somewhere a much as I do here. I guess it's because of the daily exciting challenges and tasks. 
As part of the marketing team, I am creating content for our social media channels, advertising, illustrations and much more. I am also responsible for new print designs, packaging, product/lifestyle images and video clips. 

What's my background?

I started my career as a Graphic Designer in an international company as an apprentice in 2007 and worked there for over ten years. The main products were printing and embossing cylinders for packaging, which is the reason why I have a huge knowledge of packaging printing.

Next to work I co-founded a own company for digital services with two talented friends: 
MediaCrew (http://mdcrw.de ). Even though I am unfortunately not a part of it anymore, I am still very proud of all our successful projects. You will find some of them here.
I learned a lot during this time and am proud that I did it.

How did it all start?

Well, it is hard to say, but I guess everything started, when my dad gave me my first camera. It was a Fujifilm compact camera with 35mm film. Nothing really special, but to be fair, I was just 12 years old. Kids in this age are changing their interests like dirty shirts. So, it was perfect to start.

Even in 2019, when everything is digital, film photography is still a big thing for me. I always have an eye on auctions, hoping for a good deal for anything vintage lens and camera related. It turned into a hobby of mine to fix and clean them.

I agree, when someone says "film photography is expensive", but it is the perfect way to start. You have to think about your settings and also the motive. It is also perfect to calm down. 

2015 my mother gave me my first digital camera. It was a Kodak compact camera, with a pixel resolution of 1MP.
Yeeeeah, O-N-E. And it had a compact flash card with 8MB. I think most people don't even know compact flash cards anymore. To be honest; the camera's battery life was great and I was so proud to own a digital camera. 

During my training as a Graphic Designer, I was able to afford my first bridge camera. Back again, a Fujifilm.
But it didn't  take long until I bought my first DSLR, a Canon (PEWPEW). Since then the cameras I grew get larger and better.

I also tried different brands, just to make sure, which was the best that I can handle. I ended up with  Canon and Fujifilm.

I think I wrote enough now and you are here to see some of my work, rather reading long boring stories.

If you are here...

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