Welcome to my homepage!

Let me introduce myself;

My name is Benjamin Haas. I'm a Media Designer for Digital and Print for more then ten years. In fact, I'm from Germany, but I just moved to England. 

I discovered my love to photography already in my early days. It all started when I was 12 years old, with an old compact Fujifilm camera. A present from my dad, from whom I inherited this passion. At 16 years my mother gave me my first digital camera. It was a Kodak with only 1MP. During my training as a media designer, I was able to afford my first bridge camera. But I didn't like that camera very much. So it didn't take long until I got a DSLR. From that time on I tried different brands and models until I found my current favorites: Fuji, Sony and Canon. 

In 2016 I started with filming and editing. It was a new territory for me, but togehther with two talented partners we decided to found our own company: MediaCrew (http://mdcrw.de ). I'm still proud that I was part of the crew, which is famous for their imagefilms, aftermovies and mediadesigns near Basel (Switzerland).

But now it's time to start my very own adventure, here in England.   

Feel free to get in touch with me and follow me on instagram for daily treasures!